Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yum for Tums - Creamy Risotto

Yes. I do like to add milk to my food. It's good! Don't judge.

Today's new recipe: Creamy Bacon Risotto

Raw Long grain rice (If you don't have long grain risotto rice just use some kind of rice cuz I did)
Chicken Broth
Chopped Green onions
Diced Garlic
Diced Onion
Chopped Bacon
Olive Oil

1) Heat up pan with and put some olive oil and butter inside
1) Dump in diced garlic, onions, onions, and bacon inside
2) Stir
3) Dump in rice and stir for a bit
4) Add chicken broth until it covers the rice and stir.
5) Keep on stirring (has to be consistent stirring)
6) Pour in more chicken broth when most of the chicken broth has evaporated.
7) Repeat steps 4 - 6 until rice starts softening
8) Add a dash of milk and stir and add another few dashes of milk as the milk evaporates.
9) If rice is not yet softened, keep on adding chicken broth until it is.
10) Sprinkle pepper on top and serve

Optional ingredient: Parmesan cheese (just add in when rice starts softening and fold in)

Very simple, right?

Confessions - Instagram and more.

Again, today I slobbed at home.
What I did today:

Drink lemon tea
Drew statue of liberty
Skyped with my friend
Practiced my flute.

I say not bad. Pretty productive, I guess. Ish.

I'm going to introduce my instagram account which is toniakuma. Here's some of the photos I put on Instagram.

A typical Hong Kong Street. So prettyyy right

It's time you get off the table.

I like to draw. :)
If these photos catch your eye do check out my instagram! It doesn't matter if people follow or not, I'd just like to see someone or anyone appreciate my photos. Woop. I also have an account of Wattpad. So if you're interested, this is my account---> toniakuma I write a little but not too much. So if you encounter a story that has stopped halfway... I'm sorry. I'm a slobber. :3 And I'm not really active on that site.

Oh. And I also need to cut my nails. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Confessions - I slept with....

I slept with Simba yesterday. And I regret it. *sob*

Now this seems like some sort of virgin diary.

I slept with my cat, Simba yesterday, and I regret it because I'm kinda itching around. I really need to cut my nails too. Though it ain't actually that itchy. It's just one or two spots.

Anyways today I didn't do anything at home but just slob around and instag about Simba and Akita. Simba started jumping on the dining table and snatching my mom's pills and then running off. He knows I'm running after him. He didn't eat any pills, but honestly I think he needs them. He's on an engine.  I woke up at 4pm today and I felt completely wasted. I slept at 4am last night and watched some youtubers gaming. And I don't even game at all. I used to game, but now all I do is flash games, Sims 3 and Tales of Pirates. Like what who even plays TOP now? No one 

I really wanted to get out of my house and hangout with my friends. That day will come. For now, slob. 

I hope this is not what I look like when i wake up. Actually, I'm much worse. :'D God bless me.

Simba & Akita #1

A new series I'm putting up again. It's called Simba and Akita like Timon and Pumbaa. Basically, I'm going to upload photos of my cat and my dog, just because they're so adorable. 

Simba is a Siamese cat, currently 4 months old, and he's pretty much still a baby. He's SO energetic.
Akita's breed is an Akita, and yes we were too lazy to name him something else currently 6 years old, and he's getting kinda old, and he's always sleeping, and laying there.. and sleeping. 

"can you stop taking photos of me"

yea. sleeping
"wut the fuk can you see im sleepin"

Ready to Attack
"want a piece of me? oh ya im comin'

LMAO LAZY EYE. WHAT how did this even happen lol..
"ill get ya"
*The photos that I'm uploading are all taken by my HTC Desire so the quality of the photos are not the best. Don't expect the quality of a Nikon camera to appear on my photos.*

SO yea. Why are my pets SO CUTE. My friend enid said that Simba and Akita had a master and slave relationship -.- Very sadistic... Apparently Simba is the  master and Akita is the slave. Can't really deny it because Simba's always pawing and attacking Simba while Akita just growls a bit at him.. And then falls back asleep Come on Akita fight back!

Anyways check out Enid's blog.. but she doesn't really post much. It's dead since 2011 or something.
Enid's blog: http://enidgblogn.blogspot.hk/

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yum For Tums - A New Beginning + Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce.

Today, I'm going to introduce a new series - Yum For Tums.

And basically, very, very, very, simple recipes of food are going to be posted on here. Why? Because I love food. You didn't know? Well now you do. 
Some recipes posted on here will or might be grabbed from the internet, and some will also be mixed with my ideas. My ideas ain't bad. Seriously. 

Today's new recipe - Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce 

Cooked Pasta This is easy to do. So I'm skipping the instructions!
Olive oil 
Tomato sauce (get it from any kind of supermarket.)
Chopped Garlic
Diced Onions
Diced Green Onions
Salt and Pepper

1) Heat up the pan.
2) Dump in olive oil, butter, onions, garlic and stir.
3) Dump in tomato sauce, and mix.
4) Add a little water, then add milk. Mix.
5) Dump in cooked pasta into pan, stir with sauce. Add in salt. Do Not Stir For Too Long.
6) Place pasta on plate, sprinkle diced green onions on top, sprinkle pepper.
7) Serve.

Optional Ingredients you might want to add: Parmesan cheese (for more flavour and creaminess)

*The reason I did not mention or add in the portions and quantity of ingredients to put in is because it really matters on every person's taste. For instance some people might want more milk, more tomato sauce, more onion etc. Therefore, anyone can alter the quantity of the ingredients to their taste.*


Confessions - Back and Kickin!

its been just a year i guess. or.. more?acutally idk.

Many MANY things have happened throughout 2011-2012. And now, I'm fifteen. (hurray? no.) Life was horrid, but it's slowly and slowly getting better. People tell me how cheerful I am and I'm always happy go lucky and I'm having no problems at all but really, inside, I'm shit. Wait, no, I'm diarrhea.
One day I might confess what's happening, but I'm not ready yet.
So, I'm giving my best shot to live my life normally -- i have many difficulties and obstacles (TYRA LINE: YOU DONT KNOW WUT IVE BEEN THRU i'm trying to jump over. It's a bumpy road but i'll get there!

So I'm going to try, and blog more often.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Anyone went outside for the countdown?
xD I did! I went to Elements (shopping mall) to countdown with Enid and her family, around the pier. Unfortunately, when we were going to go through the exit, the exit was already full of people, lining up from the pier. All we could do was just countdown in the mall and look afar towards the ifc exploding fireworks. It was beautiful anyways. I hugged Enid and her mom, and high fived her dad. xDD

Well. was fun. great memories in 2010. :) hope everything will be fine in 2011. :p my grades are falling these days.. *sweats*