Friday, August 21, 2009

wahh~~ kirarin revolution.. is sure quite.. interesting.. lol.. im starting to like hiroto more than eva.. but i still love seiji!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

couples that i love in GSD and GS

ofcourse, cagalli and athrun,
kira and lacus,
mu la fraga and ramius,
dearka and miriallia,
shinn and stellar
yea... mayb thats all.. not sure.. mayb ill remember sum!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

hey everyone! ESPECIALLY ENID and VALERIE!...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALERIE & ENID!! enid:i hope u get less blisters and i hope you have a happy life and FORGET THE PAST! valerie and enid: u hv been a really good fren! Valerie: hope you have really good frens at CDNIS and try to also forget the past.. that is sad=)




hey everyone!

I hate milk. milk is disgusting! i noe that ice cream, butter, or coffee,etc has milk in it, but drinking plain milk is really really disgusting. Some GIRL forced me to drink a carton of milk. i felt like barfing.T.T sry, GIRL, im not offencing u. And btw, the aftertaste is so weird and it has a bad smell and taste. ITS TOTALLY GROSS. btw, my mom told me i didnt want to drink human milk cuz im born hating milk. but, i drank those powder ones! cuz fresh milk and those r different. lol.. and till now. i still h8 fresh milk. *barf*

ANYWAYS.. IM NOT OFFENDING MILK LOVERS..K?? sry.. cuz i really h8 milkT.T (and im born like that.
Im really really really really sorry to milk lovers..