Sunday, August 2, 2009


hey everyone!

I hate milk. milk is disgusting! i noe that ice cream, butter, or coffee,etc has milk in it, but drinking plain milk is really really disgusting. Some GIRL forced me to drink a carton of milk. i felt like barfing.T.T sry, GIRL, im not offencing u. And btw, the aftertaste is so weird and it has a bad smell and taste. ITS TOTALLY GROSS. btw, my mom told me i didnt want to drink human milk cuz im born hating milk. but, i drank those powder ones! cuz fresh milk and those r different. lol.. and till now. i still h8 fresh milk. *barf*

ANYWAYS.. IM NOT OFFENDING MILK LOVERS..K?? sry.. cuz i really h8 milkT.T (and im born like that.
Im really really really really sorry to milk lovers..

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