Thursday, October 21, 2010

About Justin Bieber and Orphan (film)


Well, I sincerely DO NOT BELIEVE that JB's 51, or a pedophile.
That's just impossible, right? I mean his voice wouldn't be so high, and his body wouldn't look like that.
If he was 51, he would be wrinkly and yucky.
*COUGH COUGH* IHE WEARS A FACEMASK? That's really funny man, not for that long, not even when he's sleeping, right?

I'm not a JB obsessive fan, but a person that doesn't go against him, saying he's all gay and stuff. :D

Anyways, he looks pretty good here, doesn't he? -->

*Ahem* Next topic:

Orphan (HORROR film)
I'm watching it now, and it's really scaring me =_=
Don't get me wrong, its a great movie. But I'm not really up to them right now, not in the mood.
And its night here  D:
If my friends were here for a sleepover i would sooo watch it

Anyyywayss, back to the main subject:
Since I LOVE spoiling myself, I searched up the sypnosis!
"He then tells Kate to tell Jon that Ester is not nine-years-old, nowhere close. She is a grown woman, named Veera Klammer, and is actually 33-years-old."


"She now looks more like a hag than an innocent child. Jon goes on the search for Ester in her room but finds she isn't there, but he does discover something. He turns on a special light and sees Ester's paintings for what they really are. Images of violent and sex."

That's really cool and scary o_o
I should stop talking about this to prevent myself from having nightmares.

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