Monday, July 30, 2012

Confessions - I slept with....

I slept with Simba yesterday. And I regret it. *sob*

Now this seems like some sort of virgin diary.

I slept with my cat, Simba yesterday, and I regret it because I'm kinda itching around. I really need to cut my nails too. Though it ain't actually that itchy. It's just one or two spots.

Anyways today I didn't do anything at home but just slob around and instag about Simba and Akita. Simba started jumping on the dining table and snatching my mom's pills and then running off. He knows I'm running after him. He didn't eat any pills, but honestly I think he needs them. He's on an engine.  I woke up at 4pm today and I felt completely wasted. I slept at 4am last night and watched some youtubers gaming. And I don't even game at all. I used to game, but now all I do is flash games, Sims 3 and Tales of Pirates. Like what who even plays TOP now? No one 

I really wanted to get out of my house and hangout with my friends. That day will come. For now, slob. 

I hope this is not what I look like when i wake up. Actually, I'm much worse. :'D God bless me.

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