Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Confessions - Instagram and more.

Again, today I slobbed at home.
What I did today:

Drink lemon tea
Drew statue of liberty
Skyped with my friend
Practiced my flute.

I say not bad. Pretty productive, I guess. Ish.

I'm going to introduce my instagram account which is toniakuma. Here's some of the photos I put on Instagram.

A typical Hong Kong Street. So prettyyy right

It's time you get off the table.

I like to draw. :)
If these photos catch your eye do check out my instagram! It doesn't matter if people follow or not, I'd just like to see someone or anyone appreciate my photos. Woop. I also have an account of Wattpad. So if you're interested, this is my account---> toniakuma I write a little but not too much. So if you encounter a story that has stopped halfway... I'm sorry. I'm a slobber. :3 And I'm not really active on that site.

Oh. And I also need to cut my nails. 

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