Monday, July 30, 2012

Simba & Akita #1

A new series I'm putting up again. It's called Simba and Akita like Timon and Pumbaa. Basically, I'm going to upload photos of my cat and my dog, just because they're so adorable. 

Simba is a Siamese cat, currently 4 months old, and he's pretty much still a baby. He's SO energetic.
Akita's breed is an Akita, and yes we were too lazy to name him something else currently 6 years old, and he's getting kinda old, and he's always sleeping, and laying there.. and sleeping. 

"can you stop taking photos of me"

yea. sleeping
"wut the fuk can you see im sleepin"

Ready to Attack
"want a piece of me? oh ya im comin'

LMAO LAZY EYE. WHAT how did this even happen lol..
"ill get ya"
*The photos that I'm uploading are all taken by my HTC Desire so the quality of the photos are not the best. Don't expect the quality of a Nikon camera to appear on my photos.*

SO yea. Why are my pets SO CUTE. My friend enid said that Simba and Akita had a master and slave relationship -.- Very sadistic... Apparently Simba is the  master and Akita is the slave. Can't really deny it because Simba's always pawing and attacking Simba while Akita just growls a bit at him.. And then falls back asleep Come on Akita fight back!

Anyways check out Enid's blog.. but she doesn't really post much. It's dead since 2011 or something.
Enid's blog:

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